Creative Hair studio are part of the UK Hair & Beauty Professionals Against Domestic Abuse.

Behind the Mask was Launched in July 2019. It offers U.K hair and beauty professional’s free online training to help them spot the signs that someone may be experiencing domestic abuse how they could respond in the best way.

Creative Hair Studio is delighted to be one of a growing number of hair salons to take this special training. Domestic Abuse may take one or more forms that could be physical, psychological, sexual, harassing, coercive or controlling. Given that domestic abuse includes a wide range of behaviours, it can be hard to spot, and injuries may be masked by clothing or makeup.

Around 1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime. On average, 2 women are killed each week according to the office for National Statistics (2016). For many reasons, some may not tell no one what is going on. With some insight, our stylist’s may discover what’s hidden behind their mask’s due to the unique relationship they individually have with their client’s.

Many women use the services of a hairdresser to tell them things that they would not say to anyone else. We may notice injuries or the consequence of them, with regular clients, we might recognise behavioural changes. Client’s we hope will see our salon as a safe and relaxing space that provides one of the few opportunities they have to reach out for help or be open to it. It is not about interviewing or interfering, it is simply suggesting the services of those who are specially trained to help in a way that is informed and meaningful. Our listening ear along with a kind word may change or save a life.

Creative discovered “Behind the Mask” during the coronavirus when it became more obvious how some individuals can feel isolated and alone. The statistics of just how many hair and beauty professionals felt it was a necessity to understand the signs and know how to respond to them was 100% out of over 200 respondents. 98% said that a short online training programme would make it easier to use. So, beauty therapist Julie Knight developed “Behind the Mask”

Creative Hair Studio aims to generate more awareness of “Behind the Mask” in any way we can. In addition, we agree to incorporate the training into our teams courses so the next generation of Creative stylist’s are aware of the signs of domestic abuse and how they can truly help.

For more information, Please visit the “Behind the Mask” website at