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Are you looking for a hairdressing job in Evesham to expand your career? Then look no further!

By now, you know exactly what we mean when we say that Tracey & Hazel run a great salon.

We’re all obsessed with changing lives one haircut at a time.

And we have a feeling you might be too… So, are you ready to join us on this mission?

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Who are we looking for?

If you’re ready to ditch your j-o-b and find yourself in a purpose-driven career…

If you’re ready to take all your potential, your most profound talents and your highest skills and put them to use, making an impact in our client’s world…

If you’re ready to join a tight-knit group of heart-centred achievers on a mission to change the world one haircut at a time…

Team Creative might be the place for you

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Evesham Hairdressers

Booking Line: 01386 833397

Here’s the truth: most of us spend anywhere from 40 to 80 hours a week on this thing we call “work.”

Don’t you want to wake up every single day knowing that your “work” is making a difference?

We’re looking for the world’s best hair talent to join our team – those select few who will rise to the top and be in the top 2% of applicants. 

This means we’re looking for people who…

  • Are top performers in hair with 4+ years’ experience in creating beautiful hair and growing a full and thriving column.
  • Are obsessed with adding massive value and contributing to the team, and clients know how to effectively cross-sell and up-sell to develop solutions for your clients.
  • Thrive on tight-knit teams that are built on friendly competition.
  • Approach new techniques with unbridled energy and a desire to grow and contribute to your team and the lives of others.
  • Have next-level communication skills, are confident but not arrogant, and have the profound ability and sophistication to speak with people from all walks of life and backgrounds.
  • Have a true passion for the Obsessions salon mission and genuinely want to serve others throughout their transformational haircuts.
  • Value growth, know what it’s like to have your hard work pay off year-over-year and understand the economic upside that high-volume, high-ticket sales provides.

So if reading that list feels like looking in the mirror, we want to hear from you!

Talk soon,

Creative Hair Studio Team

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P.S. If this isn’t you, but you know of someone that would thrive in this role and this environment, we want to hear from them too! Just forward this page along to them 🙂

Great wages
There is no cap on earnings the smarter you work the more you earn.

Education is super important in our culture so you will learn lots with us here at obsessions.

High Quality
High quality products and tools to make work a little more fun

Great team
We are super lucky to not only have great talented stylists to learn from but most importantly they are all incredible human beings who make the salon feel like home. Want to meet Creative’s amazing team? click HERE (direct to our meet the team page)